Written by- Nikita Rajani

[Guided by- Ms. Neeyati Pathak and Ms. Monika Malik]

Trend is a peak point of any activity or object which becomes popular among people or even worldwide. One of the reasons any trend is accepted by people so easily and quick is because trend is made and spread by the people only. Anything that attains popularity at specific point of time is considered as Trend. Today all of us are on social media and being regularly active on social media making anything so popular and calling that as “Trend”. For instance, making reels on Instagram is a trend. While using twitter also first we see what is trending on number 1(#trending). So, having said that people only create trend and likewise it is spreading and gaining popularity by people.

Now talking about Fashion trend, many people confuse trend with fashion. Trend can be anything like a debatable topic can be a trend, using any phrase can become a trend, new gadget in the market can become trendy. Fashion signifies the popular style, dress, accessories and even personality. Fashion keeps on changing with season and environment and so the fashion stuff becomes trend so easily but these two words trend and fashion have two different meanings. Fashion and trend are the major topics nowadays and so both are used interchangeably. Fashion trend is the popular and trendy aspects of fashion and its industry, like Power Suit in 80’s or color of the season and so on.

 There are mainly 4 types of trend- Macro trend, Micro trend, Mega trend and Fad. Some trends become popular for 3-5 years, some trends go away within a year or even a month, some trend go and come back after few years. But there is trend that became a trend and change the society and sociology aspects called as Macro trend.

Macro trends are slow paced trends but had a great impact on large population and society also known as global trend. Macro trends are important because they are managed by global power which have great impact on all of us – the ways of economical force changing globally, population changes over generations, environmental pressures, and much more. Macro trend are slow paced because we all know introducing any new change in the society due to the need and betterment of the people. Let’s look at some of the examples of macro-trend.

The two main examples of macro trend that we witness today are- Denim and Social media.

Denim: Denim was basically introduced for labors because of its sturdiness. Since all the men were on the war during World War 2, so women were the one who were working for their livelihood and so they started wearing denims and gave up on the regular long dresses. It was time of freedom to wear the comfortable and light dress for women.

Since 1950 till the date denim is such a fabric that is never out of fashion and is the fabric that is worn by all the classes- be it elite group or upper class or even lower-class people everyone is wearing denim. Denim popular for everyday casual-wear and also styled up for party.

With changing technology, denim had changed with the demand and technology. Like- when the skinny and body-hugging dress were on demand, denim introduced as skinny jeans. Not only denim was used as bottom but also worn as top & skirts, denim is available in so many different variety and styles.

 Now people are so obsessed with denim that maternity denim dress are also popular in market. Hence, denim has come long way with creating a huge impact on society and even on fashion world.

Social media: Today each one of us are on some social media. People are connecting with each other being on different places through social media like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and so many.

The main purpose of social media was to connect the people but now this have become new world altogether. Now social media is a platform for business also, people are making a good amount of money through social media.

People are showing their talent and are actually getting reorganization. Not only this, social media is now used as a medium to spread awareness and give messages. As said before, social media is another world where we spend more than half of our time scrolling feeds, doing business, showcasing talent, learning new stuff. Today we are the witness of the pandemic that hit last year. Not only economically we were disturbed but our education system was also unstable but thanks to social media platforms that all the students were getting their education through online classes.

Some other examples of macro trend:




Macro trend are the here to shape the market to benefit the society. No one can predict the future but future can be invented as per the need for change that is why macro trend has huge impact on the people across the world. The next major macro trend we can observe is the Sustainability, which is coming up slowly and steadily.

Hope this blog was informative and enjoyable read for you all.

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