Written By- Nikita Rajani

[Guided by-Asst. Prof. Monika Malik]


This time of pandemic was the toughest for all of us and each one was dealing with some or the other issues. I had to deal with finding an internship. Now, finding an internship during the pandemic was not an easy task to begin with, but fortunately I got one. This was a short internship which was for 2 weeks. So, here I present my blog to share my precious experience on very my own personal internship that was from 22-Feb-2021 till 8-March-2021.

Designing Process

When I was traveling for the first day of my internship, I was anxious and nervous. It was a local production house “FTWEAR” located in Pardesipura, Indore. This production house produces Indo-western Party-wear range for girls of 6-14 years age group. I learnt about the production process starting from the beginning to an end. Basically, it summed up the whole designing process for me in this span of 2 weeks. Designs were self-designed by the head of department. After selecting some of the best designs, the samples were created in-house. Right before the bulk production starts, the required changes were to be implemented on the samples for the final run.

(Image source-Clicked by me)

 Unlike the large production houses, here each worker was getting the number of pieces to be stitched. After the basic stitching, the accessorizing, the fasteners like zippers, hook, button, etc. were added to the garments.

 Garment Costing

Producing bulk of garment is tough job and so it is important to calculate the cost of one garment. While doing so it is necessary to keep in mind all the components of garment which involves fabric, trims, accessories, labor cost, machines with profit % and other expenses required to make one garment.

Stock Maintenance

After learning and working in this production house, the next most thing that I learned was about stock maintenance and. Believe it or not maintaining stock is a challenging task of all. Working in small/large scale production houses, one has to be good with numbers because stock sourcing and maintaining is the most important aspect of running a production house and ensuring a smooth designing process.

Packaging and Dispatching

 I also learned about the packaging and dispatching process like firstly the garments were ironed properly and being packed on boxes and then preparing the orders range-wise with address details of the buyers. I also had my hands on designing few garments in the form of sketches mostly for the rough part.

(Image source-Clicked by me)
Sketched by me
Sketched by me

Selling Season

The production house work before the festivity or selling season starts. Buyer buys 2 months before the festive season. For this, the bulk production starts 3 months in advance so that buyers can buy those designs prior to the festive season.

Waste garments

They also took major steps for controlling the wastage. They dispose-off the waste very responsibly and they sell the waste in per kilogram cost. Maybe the waste can be further used in making black cotton or mattress.

(Image source-Clicked by me)

(Image source-Clicked by me)

I must say working in the production house was a great learning experience for me. I learned about every minute detail, which answered all my questions involving production of bulk garments. It was a hectic work environment but getting answers to all my questions was surely a fulfilling experience. Looking forward to more such experiences I the coming journey of my career path.

Letter of Experience

I hope you enjoyed reading my blog.

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