And Customization Continues…

Written By- Namrata Jaiswal

Guided By- Ms. Monika Malik

An internship is all about gaining hands-on experience, but due to COVID-19, anything” hands-on” is off for now. But today more and more business have gone online, so I thought I would start a virtual internship.

I joined an internship as a pattern maker by making some customized garments. Custom-made garments, whether couture or everyday outfits, are a significant part of our dressmaking heritage. Customized clothing is measured to fit. Anyone who wants to look good knows good fit means everything. Fitting is an important key element which shows off your body in the most flattering way. In customized clothing it is important to know the body type of your customer.

Virtual internship is not an easy task for me as a beginner, I faced lot’s of problems. But its a good learning experience. I want to share the results of my customized dresses. It makes the learning process more fun, and makes the inevitable mistakes feel more like an important lesson rather than a big failure.

I started with my own customize dress.

  • A-line Kurta: I made a kurta with yoke and cuff. I also did couching on the yoke and made ball buttons for the centre front opening.
Self Made Garment
  • Kurta and Garara Set: I didn’t make lots of dresses this year, but one that really stood out was the garara dress. I made a sleeveless kurta and a flared garara  from my mom’s old saree. Such a fun dress to make and wear.

Made from this old saree:-

Old Saree
Final Product
  • Anarkali Dress: Oh, and here is the big one – Anarkali dress. I made an anarkali dress for a client. I had so much fun working on this project and I have learned so much about clients needs and how to fulfil them..  Love the flare  and all the detailing of this dress.
My Client
  • Full sleeve kurta with kurta pant: I made a green full sleeve kurta using a brocade fabric and green kurta-pant with silk taffeta fabric. Customer was very happy with the fit of the garment.
My Client
  • I also made a yellow cotton suit (kurta with kurta-pant set)
My Client
  • 4 darted blouse: I also made a 4 darted blouse. I can say from my personal experience that it’s not easy to make a 4 darted blouse. I made it 3 times and it was the 4th time where I got satisfactory results.
4 Darted Blouse

With this remote fashion internship, I have gained valuable real-world experience with increased flexibility and freedom. Communication and time-management skills, as well as knowledge of virtual collaborative platforms, are key to succeeding in a remote fashion role.

Overall, this has been a really good year for me. I almost hesitate to say this because I know so many people have struggled in this year. But since I took my first step towards my professional career, it makes a special year for me. For me, 2020 was a year of being brave and making myself a priority. My advice for all of you is “just try it & see what happens.”

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