Written By- Namrata Jaiswal

Guided By- Ms. Neeyati Pathak and Ms. Monika Malik

Fads are activities or objects that are popular with a group of people over a short period of time. We can also say that fads are crazes because they are often seen as sudden, quick-spreading, and short-lived.

Fads may be anything like diets, clothing, hairstyles, music, dance, toys, and many more. As consumers, we identify whether a fashion trend is acceptable or not.

For example If you wear a new outfit or accessory and it gains popularity then you may consider it fashionable. Likewise fads become fashionable but only for short period of time.

Let’s see Some examples of fads:


Parachute pants were one of the biggest fad examples. Peoples went crazy when parachute pants became so trendy but it did not leave for so long and does it become fad.


Crocs were becoming very popular among teens, kids and also among adults. The main reason behind the crocs became very popular that they are light weight, comfortable and also available in so many different colors which is attracting lot of youths. But due to lack of verity of design and style eventually crocs was also considered as fad after some time.


Making Dalgona Coffee during lockdown was a trend worldwide and it went viral on social media like tiktok and Instagram within days for a small period of time, which is why it will considered as FAD.


Shoe flip fashion was one of the most fun fashion trends on the Instagram. Everyone aced it and it was so entertaining to watch. With the flip of a shoe, we saw amazing talent not only in models but everyone flaunted with their unique sense of fashion. After few days it became a fad.


Make-up artists, celebrities, musicians and other utilized this time under lockdown with live sessions. Celebrities held live streams where they would invite their fans for casual discussion. As the lockdown was over, trend of live session decreased.

As a consumer we determine whether a style is accepted or not. Other fads example from past are platform shoes, leather pants and paper dresses.

So you can see there isn’t a group of designers who decide what will be fashionable or trend. We are the one who decide what will or will not be accepted.  

So we are keeping our eyes open for next fad to rule the internet anytime.

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