Written By- Annu Taneja

Guided By- Ast. Prof. Monika Malik.

Getting an audience is hard. Sustaining an audience is hard. It demands a consistency of thought, of purpose, and of action over a long period of time.

Bruce Springsteen

Social Media Influencing is what I love to do, but every since I have taken the decision of considering it as my profession we have been stuck in this deadly Pandemic. Keeping yourself motivated through tough times is one of the many steps towards success. And that’s exactly what I did during all this time.

As soon as lockdown was eased out, I started getting offers for shoots. Initially, I was too scared to go out in such a scenario, but I found my courage and grabbed the opportunities which came my way.

I started my year by collaborating with a Makeup Artist. She approached me via Instagram to be her model for a shoot. Have a look at the final photographs:-

I have also collaborated with a small jewellery brand called SHADES OF HAPPPINESS BY NEHA and here are the results:-

And then one of the most talented Photographer of my city approached me for a shoot. This was my golden opportunity and I grabbed it with open arms. I had such an amazing experience which can never be described in words. I saw a different side of myself which I thought never existed. I guess the Quote “Moving out of your comfort zone and trying out new things is the best way to grow” makes so much sense to me now. I feel extremely proud of myself for doing something which I usually wouldn’t have thought of.

Final Photographs:-

Captured By- Anurag Shastri [ Instagram- @awarraa_hoon ]
Captured By- Anurag Shastri [ Instagram- @awarraa_hoon ]
Captured By- Anurag Shastri [ Instagram- @awarraa_hoon ]

I also shared my experience with an Instagram post. Have a look:-

Fashion has always been my first love and the passion I have towards Styling is unmatchable. Instagram recently added a new feature known as REELS. I decided to take the upmost advantage of the feature and started posting fashion reels on my feed. I have been consistent with my work and I have received my results, I gained 300 followers in a month. My reach is better then before, I have started getting more and Infact some really good collaborations to look forward to.

Links to my Reels:-

All I can say is, this is just my beginning. I am glad all of this content is shot and edited by me without any help. I have learned so much about the right lighting, angles, space designing, the art of choosing the right music and many more such things. I am extremely determined towards my goal and I have chosen my path, i.e., CONSISTENCY to achieve it.

Follow me on Instagram – [ @stylewati ]

I hope you learned something from my experience so far….!!!

So, NEVER SAY NEVER and Grab that opportunity before its gone…!!!

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6 thoughts on “MY SHOW REEL

  1. Annu you are so inspiring. Keep shining girl. I love that you embrace every part of who you are. You love what you do and it shows. Way to go Annu!

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