My First Boutique Client

Written By- Namrata Jaiswal

Guided By-Ms. Monika Malik

The most courageous act is still to think for yourself aloud- well said by Coco Chanel.

Following the same line of thinking I had exciting yet slightly anxious experience of making a client happy. With the very first order, I received in the amidst of covid.

This client who came up to me had a requirement of a quirky Anarkali dress for her pre wedding occasion, a ceremony called “Roka”. I want to preface by saying that this experience was not necessarily a tutorial but the whole process from learning the client’s needs till the finished product was delivered, turned out to be a great learning experience.

It all started with a phone call a month back when one of my closest friend expressed her desire to have a fabulous Anarkali for her sister’s most important day. And she was struggling to find the similar design which she had on her mind. So, I suggested her that customization is the solution. She approached me if I could help her put the ensemble together and without giving a second thought I said yes to her. I looked forward to customize her dream piece at the same time, I had butterflies in my stomach because this was a huge responsibility for me and I knew that I was ready to meet the expectations of my client. So, I had a conversation with her sister just to know my client better. After learning her side of requirement I analyzed her needs and started referencing the designs for her Anarkali dress.

Keeping her body type in mind I shortlisted the cuts and shape which would be favorable for her. Also simultaneously I took her measurement, and then went to the local market in Indore to gather the fabrics, trims and other essential items for my client’s desired dress.



As soon as the referencing and sourcing part got over, I started drafting the pattern on brown paper as per my client’s measurement.


To remove all wrinkles, fabric was steam ironed properly and then laid out on the work space placing the pattern draft on fabric in order to cut the fabric.


Image Source: Done by myself
Image Source: Done by myself
Image Source: Done by myself


Image Source: Done by myself
Image Source: Done by myself
Image Source: Done by myself

The compilation of my construction process is briefly put together in this montage.

Some of my working skills are as follows

Image Source: My work
Image Source: My work

The major difficulty I faced during the construction process was, making gathers from 8 meter of fabric was not an easy task. Managing the volume of 8 meter of fabric with such a first hand experience was a great learning for me. After putting the volume together with the main bodice and putting all pieces sewed together it turned out to be a beautiful upper garment, nearly as close to I expected it. Putting a dori and customized latkan beautifully completed the overall garment.

After the upper garment was ready, I started sticking beads on the hem of the anarkali and on the duptta. Then I sewed a beautiful silver lace over the edge of duptta to complete the ensemble. With this the construction process was completed.

Now another task was to package it properly like a professional. Therefore I ironed the anarkali and packed it for shipping. As soon as the dress dispatched all I did was eagerly waited for my client response.

After a couple of day’s she received her order, I was thrilled and moved by her response. She not only loved the dress but in fact told me that this is exactly what ‘dreams- turned into reality’ looks like.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-35.png
Client feedback

And after receiving her reaction, I gained a great deal of confident towards my professional goal. I was not only happy but thrilled to go through the entire process and butterflies in my stomach were so worth it.

I hope you had a great experience while reading about my experience…..

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