Written By- Nikita Rajani

[Guided by Asst. Prof. Monika Malik]


Today, working in any industry has become a challenging task. One has to do multi tasking which is quite tough to manage as tasks involve are planning, scheduling, organizing, replying emails and much more. So the solution to overcome the pressure of multi-tasking and meeting the deadlines without any hustle lies in WORKFLOW Management.

Workflow is the process that need to be done sequentially  in a series. By following a specific type of workflow which is relevant to a particular project. Individuals get a task done by following a process involving series of steps to achieve objectives and result accurately within given time. This basically helps a particular work to be done systematically from one step to the next, with all the required collection of data and information for that particular work. Choice of workflow chosen for a particular task should be in optimal capacity to have the best result in best efficiency.


  • Reduced error
  • Increase productivity with improved connectivity.
  • Multiple tasks completed easily.
  • Create great work environment.
  • Optimal efficiency utilization.


In this blog, we shall address the workflow of a fashion merchandiser. Before proceeding with the topic, let’s have a short introduction about fashion merchandiser.

A fashion merchandiser is someone who is an intermediate between a manufacturer and a buyer. He/she combines fashion and textiles with merchandising. A merchandising is the practice to promote and sell products to customers. So, a fashion merchandiser is key people who communicates and work in most of the departments- designing, manufacturing, sales and promotion, retailing, buying.

Now let’s look at the workflow incase of  fashion merchandising.

  • RECEIVE ORDER FROM BUYER: Merchandising task starts with receiving order from a Buyer. Here the task includes the communication with external buyer and teams for the prototype, designing details and buyer’s requirement for consumer’s demand. For placing an order, buyer gives a tech pack to merchandiser. A tech pack is a technical sheet that will have all the details of merchandising including design details.
  • CONSUPMTION: Consumption is the base for merchandising task. Merchandiser checks the quality of raw material to view the price of the garment. Consumption incorporates to solve the supplies related problem.
  • COSTING & NEGOTIATION: Costing is the process of estimation, then determining the total cost of production which includes purchase of raw materials, accessories, trims, sewing, packing, transport. After the total costing of production is finalized, then merchandiser negotiates with buyer with the final costing and then decides to take order or not depending on finding a middle ground.
  • ORDER COFIRMATION: When both merchandiser and buyer agree on a mutual cost which is beneficial for both parties, the merchandiser gets the order and receives a receipt of order from the buyer which states the final confirmation of the order. As a final confirmation a legal document is made which is known as Production Order (PO). It’s merchandiser’s responsibility to check all the details like quantity, price, delivery date, vendor details etc on PO receipt.
  • Receiving Letter of Credit: L/C stands for Letter of Credit. L/C plays a dominant role here, as L/C include terms and condition given by buyer. Merchandiser gets money from buyer’s bank. This letter of credit issued by bank is safe for merchandiser as well as for buyer.
  • SAMPLE DEVELOPMENT & APPROVING: Merchandiser works closely with sampling department to make sure that the sample is developed as per the instructions given by the buyer so that a good quality product is produced. Sampling process also gives  an estimation of manufacturing cost and time require for manufacturing. Then sample is presented to the buyer for final approval.
  • BULK PRODUCTION: Once the sample is approved, sourcing of fabric, trim and accessories is done and merchandiser receives green flag to proceed for bulk order. Bulk production is the actual & final production. If the buyer have to make any changes in the product that has to be done before moving further with the bulk production.
  • PRE-PRODUCTION MEETING: Pre-production is organized by the merchandiser. This PP meeting is conduction before production starts. All the details related to the product, additional mock up if any are discussed along with tentative problems and solutions. All the in-house workers and people are closely involved in PP meeting. The brief for the product is given to all the unit members.
  • START BULK PRODUCTION: After the PP meeting, the bulk production of the product start. Merchandiser starts working with production unit, manager, technician, quality manager to ensure that the bulk production work smoothly and achieve before deadline.
  • CHECK DAILY REPORT: When the bulk production continue merchandiser keep a check on daily process of production and make daily report to send it to the buyer.
  • LINE INSPECTION: There are some inspections lined up during production and to ensure the quality check of the production. This inspection is conducted to improve the productivity.
  • FINAL BUYER INSPECTION:  This is last step of inspection system. Here buyer is the one who inspect the complete garment and random check of the product from the batch.
  • SHIPMENT: When 100% inspection is positive, the finished products are packed and delivery is arranged, so that product delivery is made on time.

Fashion Merchandiser has to deal with internal as well as with external departments of the fashion and textile industry which is challenging and interesting at the same time. To work skilfully in challenging circumstances, workflow management improve performance and helps to retain good results. It’s better to have a framed work plan rather than just keep on working and ending up with unfruitful results. So do make your work effectively and efficiently with workflow.

I hope this blog was informational for you all.

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