Written By- Annu Taneja

[Guided By- Ms Monika Malik]

Captured by: Rahul Thakkar

Social media is something which is at it’s peak right now. Whether its digital marketing, graphics, social media influencing or content creation, the world has changed and has changed for better and DIGITAL!!

Coco Chanel rightly said: “Fashion fades, only style remains the same”

Now where did I learned that from? By studying history of different eras. As a budding social media influencer and a fashion stylist, having the knowledge of history is a must. History helps us connect with a certain style that resonates with us as a creative human being . The deeper one goes, the interesting it gets. It also changes the way one think and process creativity and before he/she realises that, they have already evolved into a much better and knowledgeable version of themselves.

Self Shot during Quarantine

I always wanted to influence the crowd with power of dressing and the impact it creates on masses. Initially I started modelling for my friends who always insisted me to take that first step towards my dream. Doing modelling made me a different person all together, it gave me the much needed confidence.

Captured by: Rohit Jain
Captured by: Rohit Jain

After joining Edexcel, when I stumbled upon Professional Development, I asked myself, what am I waiting for? So, I prepared a pitch message to send to some local brands for collaboration. And there…. I got my first collaboration with a jewellery brand called “Shades of Happiness”


Captured by: Himanshu Singh

After posting these pictures, I started getting recognised and many brands approached me for collaborations. Some worked out some didn’t, but i never lost hope. I kept doing what I felt was best for everyone.

When you do good work, you make professional relations, and that’s what happened with me and a brand known as “Chitar Pitar”. Chitar Pitar is a local brand in Indore, Specialised in curating beautiful digital printed and embroidered Sarees. This was my first big client, I was nervous, anxious and what not. But eventually everything fell into the right place and we created some beautiful pictures.

Captured by- Vij Photography MUA- Nishneeet Hora

The brand was so impressed that I became there permanent model. It all depends upon understanding and fulfilling the clients needs. If you work hard, It will pay off. Instead of making hundreds of contacts make 5 of them and make them so strong that they won’t think of loosing you.

My first shoot for Chitar Pitar:

Captured by- Vij Photography MUA- Nishneeet Hora

More shoots with Chitar Pitar:

Captured by: Arun Sencha MUA: Bulbul Sehgal
Captured by: Himanshu Singh

Now let me show you some more pictures of the collaborations I did with other brands:

Collaboration with a local brand known as Paarash:

Captured by: Himanshu Singh MUA: Surbhi Yadav

Collaboration with one of my City’s leading brand White Canvas:

Captured by: Arun Sencha

All of these shoots have their own memories to cherish, good and bad of course. It helped me understand style even more, these shoots gave me the opportunity to style myself differently every time and be my own stylist. Life as a student and a budding social media influencer can be very difficult, but in order to achieve your goals you have to work hard and there is nothing that can stop you. Now I have reached at a level where brands offer me good pay for endorsing their products. I’m doing it part time now and can’t wait to see it as my full time career in the coming future.

That’s my story, my journey….!!!

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