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[Guided By- Ms Monika Malik]


The Egyptian period started approximately in 4000 BC, and ended with the death of Cleopatra VII in 332 BC.

Ancient Egyptians loved fashionable clothing and accessories. Clothing style was simple yet elegant. Egypt has been and remains, one of the most powerful reservoirs of inspiration, touching so many aspects of fashion world. Egyptian clothing was filled with a variety of different colours, decorated with precious gems and jewels. The fashions of the ancient Egyptians were made for not only beauty but also comfort. Egyptian fashion was constructed to keep cool while staying in hot desert. Egyptians made a major contributions to fashion in this light by giving us the fabulous Linen.

Women costumes:

Egyptian women wore a transparent, close-fitting sheath made from very fine linen. Over this was worn the kalasiris, which is a semi-transparent robe and has knots on the chest enhanced with the traditional broad jewel-encrusted collar.

Women’s hair was often decorated with forehead bands, clips, gold ornaments, ribbons and flowers.

ancient egyptian woman tombs | Women in Ancient Egyptian Art 021 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
Women Hairstyle. Image Source:

Heavy eye makeup was used . The face was painted with a white lead-based cream. The lips, cheeks were tinted orange-red, the eyes outlined with black kohl. Eyebrows were curved down around the eye.

Most of the clothing in Ancient Egypt was made of linen; a few items were made from wool. Description from I searched for this on
Image Source:

Gold was used in all forms of jewels, including hair accessories, necklaces, belt, earrings, chains, bracelets, rings and medals.

Etruscan Art. Jewels. Polychromatic ornament by Auguste Racinet.
Ancient Egyptian Jewellery Image Source:


The basic garment for men was the shenti, a loincloth wrapped around the hips and fastened with the belt. Several transparent skirts were worn over the shenti which were knee-length or short and were stiffened into a triangular shape similar to a pyramid.

Men were clean-shaven. Hair was worn short to accommodate the real hair or woolen wigs worn by all well dressed Egyptians. Wigs were dyed black, blue, red.


It is an universal fact that designers of the modern day get their inspiration from the past. Egyptian fashion is an apt example of the same. A lot of gold and the royal symbols are used as an inspiration. Egyptian fashion is all about simplicity and comfort. In today’s world Egyptian symbols and patterns (especially the symbol of “eye of horus”) are taken as inspiration by many leading and upcoming designers which they use to create contemporary fashion.

Highly-detailed, glittering gold dress inspired by Egypt’s ancient queen:

One of the important motif of Egyptian clothing was the flower Lotus which signified the symbol of sun and creation. It also includes “The Ankh” which signifies the eternal life and “Wadget” which represents healing, protection, good health and royalty.

Maxi dress embellished with ancient Egyptian royal symbols:

This look is created by taking inspiration from Egyptian men, Pharaho (rulers) who usually wore a triangular shape outfit with artificial beard made of metal which signifies their connection with God.

Egyptian clothing was one such clothing which was very simple yet beautiful. Each of their motif had a meaning behind it and was important for them. They also enhanced their simple clothing with heavy jewellery and makeup which made them look different from the others. They used the most simplest fabric, that is Linen.

So, simplicity is the new elegance……!!!

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